info plus - the basix

information is the key to life.

information is both the source and the destination of life. the living body consists of information coded in the DNA. it is a protective cover which allows the transmission of the eventually modified genetic information. regarded from a logical point of view this seems to be the only reason for life.


from a human perspective, information is a central phenomenon of this world. every one depends on it. nothing goes without information. though, it is not possible to take hold of it. info neither is material, nor is it energetic - but always refers to it. that means information needs material or energetic carriers, as for example electrons in a cable. sound waves are transmitted through the molecules of the air. a satelite works with electro-magnetical waves. a lot of animals recognise information via ultrasound or even by using electro-magnetical fields.


every kind of information can be reduced to a chain of simplistic YES(=1) / NO(=0) statements. not only all kinds of computers are working with this method to interact with software. even the human brain uses this simple technique to store information and to guarantee its availability.

basically everything seems to consist of only YES and NO. but it takes an inconceivable amount of YES/NO's to let us discern an image of our world.