where other projects end, info plus shall start off. with info plus forming the basis, there will be an interactive created top-project named "info++". This consists of any kind of contributions made by the viewers of this website: from constructive discussion threads, over self-created grafics or animations, to self-produced songs. the discussion boards main aim is to establish valuable contacts among its participants. with the info plus topic, we hope to provide an interesting and opened-up-to-all-directions basis for discussion.

to show some possible ways of discussion, let's ask a few questions. as for the project development, these shall not be considered as fixed discussion points, but they only shall be understood as stimulation for the further discussion…

  • with regard to universal points of view: to where leads information? what can be the goal of information? in fact, can there be a goal? on the other hand, does information has a source? is it legitimate to consider everything having a beginning and an ending or are we caught up in a society-formed framework, suggesting dualism, without giving us evidence of its existence?
  • with regard to human points of view: how does information develop right in us? with not even using ten percent of our brain-capacity - what could be possible if we once are able to use the full potential? where is the key to that door be found?
  • with regard to the matrix-theses: spoken on the long term, can mankind sustain anyway? won't it be our own creations overcoming our skills and forming the next step of evolution? or will it be a symbiosis between them and us creating a higher being? actually, will it be the technical advance giving us answers to questions we can't really handle with logic?