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info plus is a bilingual, audio-visual online project from the producer and rapper K.M.S. and mikman. basically it's about the song "info plus" and the additional text and graphic material on the infoplus website. in addition to the song in original version, the project consists of two additional remixes, which can be downloaded for free. besides the existing project parts there is an interactive project area in form of a discussion board. it can be used for the exchange of ideas around info plus. consequentially, there should emerge a new project which can be molded by every visitor…

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?K.M.S. a/k/a ZENTURIO

during the early 80's K.M.S. got into hip hop by performing breakdance. together with DJ M.A.D. from cologne the producer and rapper formed the crew Original Kick and realized his first audio projects in 1988. the meanwhile founded Innovative Music Corporation with K.M.S. being the mastermind releases its first 90minutes underground promotion tape in 1989. until now, four more I.M.C. tapes followed and the corporation itself got significantly bigger and stronger.

apart from K.M.S.' musical activities, he is also responsible for the complete I.M.C. website. there you will find more detailed information on K.M.S. and the Innovative Music Corporation.


mikman gets in touch with hip hop in the late 80's when he fells in love with graffiti art. early inspired by the wide range of the hip hop culture, mikman develops a special temptation for the musical aspect of it, which leads him to write his first lyrics in 1993. followed by that, mikman starts doing the production for himself, inspired by his friends AMI (Rene Frings) and K.M.S. In '95, '96 and '97 mikman releases a 60minute Low Budget Demo Tape, almost completly produced, rapped and recorded by himself. in September 1999 mikman comes up with his first vinyl release named 'rettungsdienst' on the german underground label Michelmann Records.

more info to be found on mikman's HOMEpage... (relaunch: late 2001)



deepdigger plans, creates and realises web-projects since 1999. apart from programming and graphical creation, deepdigger dedicates his life to music. especially soul, jazz and funk records released in the 60ies and 70ies are a huge source of inspiration for the webdesigners work. but even up to date music productions take influence on deepdiggers acting and being. as for him, music is a never ending spring of emotion and energy which often remains overlooked or simply underrated.

check out the deepdigger website for more detailed information…